Michael Le Bio and Career, The New Popular Dancer on TikTok

Michael Le is a dancer and choreographer from America. He was born in Florida (March 19, 2000). Tina is his mother, she is a nail technician. There is still no information about his father. Michael Le has two brothers and one sister. They are Daniel, Jonathan, and Tiffany.

When he was at early school, he said that he was always bullied because of his looks. He was unpopular until he found dance at age of 12. When he took dance classes, he fell in love. Therefore, Michael’s dream is to be a dancer.

He admired the choreography, even from a young age he started dancing. Dance became his hobby and he used to create new dance moves to well-known tracks by singers. In 2014, he made a YouTube channel and started to post dance videos. You can easily find it on his YouTube Channel named himself. His first dance video is set to the song Let the Groove Get In by Justin Timberlake. All his videos are shorter than a minute.

In 2016, Michael Le started uploading tutorial videos of several dances.  He explained basic moves and helpful tips for beginners. Later, he released different tutorials such as Tutting Dance, Illusions, Combos, and much more.

His Tutting challenge is the popular ones on his channel, as well as other challenges, such as The Viral Dance Challenge, How to Reverse NaeNae, Lear an Insane Combo with Music, Say What, Cash Me OutSide and et cetera. How to Reverse NaeNae has more than 2 million views. In July 2020, he has almost 400k subscribers on YouTube. He also had another YouTube channel named ‘Just Maiko’. On this, he uploaded many funny videos and gained over 122k subscribers.

Michael Le Bio & Career, The New Popular Dancer on TikTok

Apart from his YouTube channel, Michael Le had other social media accounts including Instagram and TikTok. Well in 2016, Michael Le first became famous when he posted videos on Tik Tok (named MusicalLy in 2016). He posts dancing tutorials, dancing videos, and lip sync videos. His sibling also used to appear on his video.

He is actually named ‘JustMaiko’ on TikTok. He used to create choreography set to popular songs. He loves to teach anybody about many dance moves and gives tips to learn as easy as possible. He gained a lot of fan following on his TikTok.

Michael often collaborated with other popular dancers, such as Mikeila J, Crissa Jackson, Jason Derulo, and Javier Romero. In July 2020, he has 34 followers on Tik Tok. He became the most followed male personality on Tik Tok. His very popular dance video is set to Shakira’s song, Hips Don’t Lie which he danced on an escalator. He joined a group called Shuv House and lived together in LA. The Shuv House creates content to upload in social media including Tik Tok.

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Michael Le also has an Instagram and Facebook account, but he doesn’t have a Twitter account. Beside, his Instagram followers gained 1.7 million followers and 25k followers on Facebook. He is a photographer too, therefore, he often shares various pictures on his Instagram. He shares the photos of his friends, family, photos from travels, and clips of dancing. Michael sells his merchandise and also he is a brand ambassador for Bang Drinks.