Camila Mendes Bio and Facts, The Young Brazilian Hollywood Star

Have you ever watched the television series, Riverdale? If you have watched those films, you will recognize the main role. She is Camila Mendes, an American actress who is also a Brazilian descent.

Born in 1994, exactly on June 29 (in Virginia), her middle name is Carraro. Camila Mendes has Brazilian parents. Her father, Victor Mendes (a business executive), is from Brasilia. Her mother, Gisele Carraro (a flight attendant), is from Rio Grande do SulAt age of 8, her parents decided to break up, so both Mendes and her older sister were taken care of by her mom. . She spent her childhood most in Florida and lived in Brazil for just a year.

Her interest in acting and singing took her to pursue it. She decided to learn in New York University, Tisch School of Arts and graduated in 2016. She is Maggiee Rogiers’s friend and they have known each other since in the university.

Camila Mendes Bio & Facts, The Young Brazilian Hollywood Star

Mendes started her career when she was acting for a commercial IKEA. In 2016, she auditioned for the film Riverdale as Veronica at the CW teen and she won it. The films really hit until now and her name is incredible fame.

In 2018, she was involved in music videos, Give a Little by Maggie Rogers. Magie Rogers has been her friend since at university. There is also Side Effects by The Chainsmokers with Emily Warren.

Apart from his acting career, Mendes has dealt with eating disorders. She is obsessed with being thin and more womanly. She had so much anxiety about food and she was starving herself.

But she was inspired by Ashley Graham who said to everyone to encourage women being unique and just let go of the standard that so many people established that thin is the perfect of beauty. Then, she went to a therapist.

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So, after she was cured of carbs, she began eating properly, focused on being fit, healthy and strong. Therefore, she used to speak up on her social media. She advocates body positivity. However, she had through the struggles and kept going to pursue her career.