This Is How To Clean Your AC’s Filter

First, you can prepare tools to clean the air conditioner such as a dry and wet cloth, used toothbrush, small brush and large plastic to cover items under the air conditioner. Before cleaning the air conditioner, make sure you turn off or unplug the AC from the power supply. Then, clean the AC cover with a half-wet cloth and use a dry cloth to remove the remaining moisture. However, if you don’t have the time to clean your AC yourself, you can hire the best expert air conditioning repair Columbia SC.

Then, the AC filter serves to filter out dust and is the easiest component to clean the air conditioner. To clean it you don’t need to use any tools. Simply remove the AC cover on the indoor area, then slowly remove the filter.

After the filter has been removed, clean the lump of dust with a small brush or an old toothbrush. Wash the filter with water and use a little dishwashing soap to remove the dirt.

When washing, do it gently so that the filter does not tear easily. After that, dry the filter with a cloth or drain until it is completely dry before you put it back.

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