The Ease of Wireless Network

Computer and network technology are two inseparable things. The development of both of them is currently running quite rapidly buy cisco meraki online. You can use Cisco Meraki and visit our website to get Meraki License Renewal.

Examples such as WIFI networks. A few years ago we were quite difficult with limited internet access speed. But now? WIFI is pretty much found, with very adequate speed. The discussion in this article is not about network development, but about the understanding of wireless networks, their functions, and benefits.

In short, a wireless network is a type of network that does not use the cable as a data transmission medium. This network uses electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, micro to infrared. Wireless networks have different coverage distances. Examples of wireless networks that we usually encounter today are Bluetooth and WIFI.

Functionally, a wireless network is not much different from an ordinary wired network (Wired Network). The easiest example is to connect one computer to another, share data, or make a computer connected to the internet. But because without cable, of course, there are some benefits that can be obtained if you use a wireless type network. Among them:

Practical: To use wireless, we only need to provide a transmitter and make sure the desired computer has a receiver.

Access from Anywhere: Each device can be connected to a wireless network, as long as the signal is still available.

Multiple Device Support: Not only computers, smartphones nowadays almost all support wireless network features. For example WIFI.

Easy to Expand Network: Doing network installation in a wide area like a building is not a problem. Because there are certain devices that can expand the network signal coverage.

Increased Productivity: Imagine a company with all computers connected to one network. Surely it will increase productivity when talking about the benefits of sharing data.

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