The Best Screw Application

An effective linear motion transfer system is demanded by today’s application of motion automation, and that is where lead screw and ball screw is very important in the system. Lead screws are often chosen because compared to ball screws, a lead screw is less expensive especially when it is failing acme ball screw. But now you do not have to worry because you could use a ball screw repair service to fix it that will cost less than replacing the screw. However, choosing the right screw is not only about the cost because between the lead screw and ball screw there are differences that needed to be the factor in deciding which is the best.

The main difference between the lead screw and ball screw is the later can eliminate friction between the screw and the nut by using ball bearings. The sliding friction often correlated with the lead screw is eliminated by the rolling nature of a ball screw. Lead screws might be less expensive but in the long run, it could be less cost-effective because of the maintenance cost. It is also less efficient compared to the ball screw because it needs larger motor and drive, also greater torque. This also makes lead screws has hotter temperature and higher friction. But a lead screw is self-locking does not require a braking system where the ball screw needs it. In general, lead screws are self-lubricating but ball screws need oil or grease lubrication to reach design life.

If you are looking for screws for applications that need accuracy, efficiency, precision, smooth motion, and high-speed or lengthy continuous movement then the ball screw is better than a lead screw. When the transfer application where rigidity, accuracy, speed, and precision are not critical then lead screws are suitable. However, you should still consider important variables like assembly design, accuracy, materials, longevity, noise, wobble error, maintenance, and efficiency. Evaluating the lead, accuracy and a load of your application could answer the question which screws between the lead screw and ball screw that will be the best for the system.