Why Sad Songs Can Make People Happy?

A sad song is made when the creator feels an unpleasant mood and naturally gives birth to a song that sounds sad with the writing of lyrics that feels personal, and the selection of minor tone that are described as “dark” when the song writer’s anxiety is expressed in each song verse sung. A song more or less can be interpreted as the thought of its creator, whether the creator is feeling happy or sad. Until finally a song is born and lives to meet its own destiny to be appreciated by its listeners Joe Solo. This is the answer to the question How to become a music producer.

It is this form of appreciation that then makes a diverse description of a song. For example, light songs such as birthday songs, which sound and cheerful and pleasant in tone and lyrics, will be translated if the person listening to the song is in a situation, remembering the person he loved has died. Vice versa, when later sad songs can make us calm and feel better. That is where the paradox comes from the perception of each person who hears it and the circumstances when listening to the song.

Basically, humans are afraid to be lonely and alone, and therefore humans become social creatures by interacting with each other. That’s what then makes the sad song sounded comfortable to hear because the listener feels there is a friend in the same boat and arms, both have been hurt by the idol or in the life of someone he loved. Then the interaction is interwoven through a song, even though what happens is a one-way interaction. The listener does not need to communicate both ways directly with the creator or singer, because the song and the lyrics he hears already represent what he wants to convey.

For a music producer, when their song gets an extraordinary response from the listeners it is unimaginable. They just want their songs to have a positive impact and can bring a better influence to people who value their work.