The History Of World Film Begins With A 46-Second Film

Watching movies is fun, friends, especially if we have been waiting for the film. Nowadays, we can easily watch movies because there are more cinemas and almost every month there are new films. Even now you can watch movies just by streaming them on the website. An example is the gostream site service, which provides tons of movies to watch free of charge recommended site.

Usually, the film will last more than 60 minutes or one hour. However, a video that is considered the first film, its duration is not up to one hour, even just a few seconds!
The video which is considered as the history of world film is only 46 seconds long, without dialogue, even without sound or is a silent film.

History of World Films from France

If there are currently a variety of children’s films that we can watch with a duration of more than one hour, the first film in the world only has a duration of 46 seconds. The film is titled Sortie del’usine Lumira de Lyon in French which means “Returning Employees from the Lumiere Factory in Lyon”. Made by the Lumiere Brothers, Louise and Auguste Lumiere.

As the title suggests, this 46-second film shows employees who leave during work hours from a factory owned by the Lumiere Brothers’ brother in Lyon, France. Although only lasted 46 seconds, it turns out the film made in 1895 can open a world view of the film.

Oh yes, before the Lumiere Brothers showed the film he made there was already a film that had been made, friends. Previously, there was already a film called Roundhay Garden Scene or “Roundhay Park Scene made by Louis Le Prince with a duration of just two seconds.

Although the Lumiere Brothers made films after Louis Le Prince, the two brothers’ film is considered world film history because it has a longer duration and makes many people aware of the existence of the film.

Until finally the film in 1895 is very influential in the world even the effect is extraordinary until now. Until the presence of films that can be watched for free on websites. For those of you who want to watch movies for free with any genre, just go to the gostream site!