Although Not Harmful, Don’t Be Tempted To Buy A Reconditioned Car Battery

Battery its role is very important, namely as a resource to turn on the electrical system in the car. Without the battery, the car cannot be started, so you should replace the battery before it is damaged. The average age of a car battery is around one to two years, depending on how many accessories are in the car. The price of car batteries on the EZ battery reconditioning is very diverse, the selling price of car batteries, especially the wet type, is getting more expensive.

A lot of car owners prefer a reconditioned car battery. The reason is cheaper prices. Although not dangerous, the use of reconditioned car batteries is not recommended. Actually there is no danger, can not explode and others. Because the battery exploded was caused by components from outside the battery. Either we start the engine and there is a battery spark. So there is no effect if you use a reconditioned battery.

It’s just that the age of the reconditioned battery is very short different from the new battery. In addition, vehicle owners will also lose because they have to replace the battery again even though it has just been replaced. Using a reconditioned battery also does not damage the electricity, so the voltage is important. Usually the reconditioned car batteries are sold at informal roadside shops. To avoid reconditioning batteries, it is recommended to buy batteries at official stores that have been designated by the car battery company.

Reconditioned batteries are used batteries that have been damaged, then repaired again so that they can be reused and look like new. So that car owners are not fooled and avoid the use of reconditioned batteries, Muksin provides some of the main characteristics of car batteries that have been reconditioned. Before buying a car battery, first, consider the physical form from the terminal to the color of the logo on the side. See from the full terminal, the battery terminal is usually if the reconditioned starts to scratch, that’s first. The second characteristic, the cover starts to curve and puff out. The third is probably from the color display. The color display is slightly faded because the battery that has been used for a long time is dull.